In Loving Memory Of Our Grandson

Lane Allen Orr

7 pounds 2 ounces

March 12, 2002

Stillborn Still Loved

Somedays my heart keeps weeping
Sometimes its hard to carry on
I sit some days and wonder
and the nights they get so long.
Lots of people just don't know
what it was like to lose you that day
They go on about their busy lifes
but in my mind, the events will forever stay.
I hear, "just let it go", "continue on",
"its all in the past you know",
but I wonder if they would feel that way
if that night of your birth I could show.
They could see me with your mommy
holding her hands and helping her through the pain
They would see the worst hurt in your daddys eyes
as they both gave you your name.
They could all see how we held you tight
not wanting to say goodbye
I wanted to hold you forever
little ones, should never die..
If they had to experience the pain we felt
as we buried our grandson that day
Maybe they would understand a grandchild's death
is not something you just pack away.
There's days when I smile and laugh
there's days when I seem okay
But deep inside my heart is crying
and your memory will always stay.
So its been 3 years since we lost our Lane
to me it seems like days
But to have him always remembered by everyone
is what I truly pray.....
Love you always little Lane....
Grandma Orr

I"ve never been asked how it feels to lose a grandchild.
I've seldom been asked how are you doing since then?
Not many times am I asked to talk about him
Not many times do people look me in the eyes when I speak of him

Not many people want to hear his story
Very few people came to his funeral to honor him
No cards come thru the mail on the anniversary of his angel birth/death
No mention of him on holidays, get togethers, or gatherings

No one visits his tiny grave, but a few
My question is, how can such a small little child scare so many people?
How could his birth, make people want to forget him?
Would they turn their heads if it had been their grandchild/child?

They celebrate birthdays with parties..
I celebrate Lane's birthday at the cemetary
Some say, let it go, its in the past..tell me if your child/grandchild died..would it be so easily able to be forgotten?
He was just a little baby.. who didn't get a chance
I'm just a grandmother, trying to keep his memory alive

Why is it so hard for people to understand the hurt?
Just because he never came home from the hospital..doesn't mean he didn't exist...
All I ask is that people include him as one of my grandchildren...
Because i will forever.
Because he may have been still born.....
But he will forever be still loved.....
Grandma Orr
In memory of my little grandangel,
Lane Allen