The angelic image of Parker on this page was created by Sara Duncan of Aras Imaging who I met in TCF chat. Please take a moment and visit Sara and learn her story.

Missing You

As you watch over us from on high
Forgive us for the tears we cry.
We love you and miss you so,
We weren't ready for you to go.

Your sparkling eyes that shined so bright,
Your precious smile, brighter than sunlight.
Those are just a couple of the things we miss
Oh, if only we could give you one more kiss.

So many plans we had for you,
So many things we wanted to do.
Our dreams were shattered that October day,
When angels came to take you away.

People told us "God has a plan".
"God's reasons are not known to man".
"God needed an angel and that's what he is now".
Those words didn't mean a thing to us somehow.

Oh, yes we know you are in a better place.
But that is still awfully hard for us to face.
What could be better than in your Mommy's arms,
Where she was going to keep you safe from all harm.

Grandpa was going to buy you your own fishing pole,
He was going to take you to his secret fishing hole.
Grandma had lots of sewing to do.
She had material for camoflauge outfits too.

Mommy had bought you all sorts of clothes.
She had you outfitted from your head to your toes.
Aunt Becky had lots of things planned too,
You were her only nephew and she adored you.

We are thankful that we had you even for a short while.
You were a blessing with your sweet little smile.
Why you were taken, we don't undertsand,
But we know you await us in the Sweet Beulah Land.

© Gay Kennedy

Parker Ryan Kennedy

Precious baby, angel boy
Always in our hearts
Resting in the arms of Jesus
Keep you eyes on us.
Eternal light surrounds you now
Radiance gleams in your eyes.

Reaching down, the angels took you
Your time on earth was done.
Adorned with a halo and wings
Now you are an angel too.

Keepsakes now are all we have
Each one so very precious.
Nightly you creep softly into our minds
Near to our hearts you will always be.
Enduring all the seasons, we can't help but wonder
Do you know how much we love and miss you?
You are our Guardian Angel, always knowing our pain.

© Gay Kennedy


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