In Loving Memory Of Amber Elise

June 1, 2002

6 pounds 11 ounces 21 inches long

You can view her picture by clicking
on the above rosebud angel

Amber Elise

You are loved.

I didnít hear your sweet voice.
I didnít see your sweet smile.
I didnít feel your hand grasp mine.

I held you oh so short a time
but had to let you go.
Go to a better place we earth
bound souls canít know.

You are loved.

I hear you in my dreams.
I see you in my imagination.
I feel you in my soul.
I hold you deep inside my heart.

You will forever be a part of me.

You are loved.

I love you my grandbaby angel.

Grandma Pullin

Written by
Dorothy Pullin

Do not copy without permission

The mention of my grandchild's name
may bring tears to my eyes,

But it never fails to bring
music to my ears.

Let me hear the beautiful music
of her name.

It soothes my broken heart
and sings to my soul.

Author Unknown

I Remember You

The world may never notice
If a rosebud doesn't bloom;
Or even pause to wonder
If the petals fall too soon.

But every life that ever forms,
Or ever comes to be,
Touches the world in some small way
For all eternity.

The little one we longed for
was swiftly here and gone.
But the love that was then planted
Is a light that still shines on.

And though our arms are empty,
Our hearts know what to do.
Every beating of my hearts says

"I remember you".

Author Unknown