Christmas 2004

To Gramma’s little angel Amber Elise
Christmas is here again and my little angel is two and a half now. I keep dreaming of how it would be if you were here with us.

How much fun it would be to see what you think of everything…the bright Christmas lights… all the pretty treasures hanging on the tree…and the packages all wrapped up in paper and bows……the Christmas lullabies and the cinnamon smell of Grandpa’s Snickerdoodles baking in the oven.

You would love it all….but you know… I think you are here with us…I feel your spirit around me and I know you are there.

Sometimes when I see a butterfly or a ladybug I think of you and sometimes I hear your sweet chuckle in the bubbling fountain in your garden…and sometimes I feel your touch in the gentle breeze…I know you are there.

Your Great Grandma McLeod is up there with you now, and I’ll bet she is showing you all the beautiful things in this world like she used to show me.

She could find the sweetest little flowers down in the grass, where no one else would see them. She could coo just like the doves and caw like the crows and bark like the squirrels. I miss her a lot but I am glad she can be with you…she has lots of things to show you.

I saw a little girl the other day, just about your age. She had curly reddish brown hair and chubby cheeks and brown sparkly eyes. She looked just like I think you would look and I couldn’t help but cry because I wanted it to be you.

Your Gramma misses you sweet baby…hope you have a happy Christmas up in Heaven my little
Angel Amber Elise.

With all my love,

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