I have always been a town girl….never thinking I would want to live in the country. It’s amazing to me how we change as we grow older.

When I retired from working for the state on January 1, 2003, I was content living right where we did in town. By August of that year, we were moving to a home two miles out of town. Not too far out for me but with enough acreage to please dear husband.

We kept no animals on the acreage for a couple years and then let our neighbor put part of his cattle here. It surprised me how comforting and peaceful it could be to watch the cows graze. Spring 2007, Gene finally convinced me to let him get a horse. We bought Bullet who was a Welsh/Quarter horse mix.

Then a couple months later we bought Lady who was an unregistered quarter horse. I could not believe that I fell in love with the horses. They were both unbroken and we eventually decided that they were too much horse for me to have here.

We bought Paint Cloud’s Stormy Dawn, a beautiful black and white paint. She is a registered Missouri Fox Trotter. We got her in September and sold Bullet and Lady. Next to arrive here was Playboy’s Lucky Lady, another Missouri Fox Trotter. She is a blonde palomino. Getting these horses and being able to ride brought out the horse lover for sure.

My brother also comes and rides with us. Sometimes it’s my husband and I riding and sometimes it’s my husband and brother. Sometimes it’s my brother and I riding. He bought a horse in December and got a mustang gelding named Trigger. He is a beautiful golden palomino. We still aren’t able to ride him although we have had a rider on him with a lead rope.

Just a week ago we bought our fourth horse. Her name is Mountain’s April Love and she is a twenty two year old Tennessee walking horse. Wow, what a smooth smooth ride we have with her. She is a little nervous about vehicles on the county road so we’ll have to work on that.

Is our little “herd” complete? Not really….we have one more horse to come here. She is about a three year old filly that came to our daughter’s farm during the floods in March of this year. We have no idea where she came from but we are going to bring her here as soon as we can get a trailer out there.

I don’t think I could be any happier than I am here right now. Yep, I clean up horse poop, pick ticks off horses and enjoy every minute of it…well maybe not the tick picking!!