March 26, 2001, what a wonderful day!
My granddaughter Tessa Bailey Crawford aka
"poodoo wooby", aka " Tessa Messa", was born.

She was perfect in everyway, and over the next 11 months she became quite the spunky little girl.

She had a laugh like a billy goat that would bring sunshine into everyones heart.

She was our little "wall walker" , as she was just learning how to walk using the walls for her safety net.

She spent alot of time with us, her
"Papa & Nama".

Thanksgiving 2002 was the beginning of the end. We were spending Thanksgiving at a cabin at the ocean and my daughter and son in law were to meet us there, instead I received a phone call saying that Tessa had the flu and was very sick.

She ended up having to go to the hospital for dehydration, they said she had a "virus". She was feeling better for a short time and two weeks later same thing, sick again, back into the hospital and still a virus

This went on for about a month and then my daughter took her to a gastric pediatrian specialist.

He ordered many test of which one, the technician said she detected an abonormality and suggested
further testing.

He decided nothing was wrong there and chalked her illness up to reflux, and put her on special formula. A short time later she started running a fever, and had a seizure.

The kids called 911 and she passed away in my daughters arms on the way to the hospital in the aid car.

Later we found out the " abnormality" was a birth defect in her intestines, something fairly common and could have been corrected with a day surgery.

Instead it went untreated and eventually our Tessa died due to the fact that she developed septic shock to her system and one by one her organs shut down.

The most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life is to take my daughter shopping to buy a dress to bury my granddaughter in.
That is just plain wrong.

Tessa you brought so much happiness to our lives and your smile and laugh will remain forever in Nama's heart

Your loss has left a hole in your heart
That hole never goes away
You learn to live with it
With acceptance of the loss
And changes in your life
The pain lessens

Eventually memories fill up the space
But it never goes away
Then, when you least expect it
A memory spills out
Of the hole in you heart
And washes you clean again with tears

Think of it as a "Memory Hug"

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