Words and Music by Michael Crow

Dedicated to the Class of 1978 and Debbie Pittman

Four lonely years we've walked through these halls and some of have told we've written on the walls.

Four lonely years we have spent in this place trying to prepare for the human race.

Well some of us made it but one was left behind and now her memory is imbedded in our minds,
her memory is in our minds.

Four lonely years we have laughed and cried. But now those four lonely years have simply passed us bye.

Now where are you going and what will you do What you make of life is all left up to you And now is the time for you. Yes now's the time for you.

Don't forget to love one another and don't you forget your father and mother. Cause they were there when you were down and they were there To help you all around, to live, to give, and to love these a gift from above.

But now we take the time makin' it sound just like a nursery rhyme. To say good bye cause we've all graduated from Central High. Now let's not cry any big ole tears for those four lonely years.

Music playing is "Memory" from the musical Cats