For Sami

If I had words to make a day for you,
I'd sing you a morning golden and new.
I would make this day last for all time,
Give you a night deep in moonshine

My name is Shauna and I am the proud mother of
Samantha Louise

Sami, you came into this world at 2:31 am on September 18, 2005. Weighing in at 7 pounds twelve ounces and twenty one inches long - you took our breath away. Red hair, blue eyes - I will never forget the day we finally met face to face. It was true love at first sight.

We brought you home to a houseful of animals and lots of visitors. Days were spent cuddling and napping. Where has the time gone?

Here you are seven months old with two bottom teeth, sitting so pretty, and just ready to crawl over to your favorite flower toy. What a busy baby - playing in your exersaucer, trying new baby food, and trying so hard to "pet" your elusive cats and dogs.

Oh how I want to stop time - can we just play together like this forever? Yet each new day brings such joy and new discoveries that I am so grateful to be here to watch you grow.

Precious girl, I love you more than words can say.
You are the love of my life.

My mother found this poem and has saved it for me since my birth. I would love to dedicate this poem to Sami. This poem is in my baby book and now it is on Sami's page.

Little princess of the dawn,
You'll grow into a day
With cheeks of snow that angels kissed
While sending you my way,

Your hopes will someday bless a child
As mine now pray for you;
A future woman by my side
That little girl I knew.

Our worlds are now so different;
Yours is made of dreams
You'll sail away to magic seas
On tides of make-believe

Until they break upon the shores
Of sandy grown-up life;
When seas of Childhood turn to streams,
A princess turns to wife.

Very special moments
With a very special girl
Showing you how words and truths
Root us to the soil,

Knowing while I teach you
That your thoughts are in the sky
Playing hopscotch with the stars
Until they blink goodbye.

Eternity is knowing
That our love will outlast time
And each new day will be for me
A lovely, lasting rhyme -

For in my eyes you'll always be,
Despite how much you grow,
That little princess I once knew
In days of long ago.





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