Christmas 2004

Dear Zach,

Here it is again, your favorite time of the year, Christmas.

It is hard to believe that this will be the third Christmas with out you. There have been some changes since last Christmas.

Aunt Tracey had a baby boy. (I am sure you knew it before she did). She named him Shane Zachariah after you. Remember when she baby sat for you when you were little?

"Pop"has joined you in heaven this year. I hope you two are together and you are showing him what to do. I am sure you met him at heavens gates.

I still miss you so very much. It just seems like yesterday that you were calling me on the phone.

I just came back from visiting your Mom and Joe, and Emily and Luke. When I look at your memorial table at your Mom's, I could just cry my heart out. I see your wallet, your keys, your hat. How I wish you were here to use them.

Christmas has not been the same since you left us and this year will be extra hard with "Pop" gone too. I think of you every day and dream of things that might have been.

I will always love you and you will always be
my first grandchild.

Merry Christmas to you in Heaven and be the guardian angel for the rest of the family.

Love forever,

Please do not remove the Christmas tree from this site it belongs to Zach